School Custodian Goes Above and Beyond to Help Feed Kids

March 21, 2024

In the hallways of Folkstone Public School in Brampton, ON, Andrew Bryce, the dedicated Head Custodian, stands as a beacon of support for the student body. With a warm smile and a heart full of compassion, he oversees the school's Power Full Kids | Eat Well program, ensuring that no child goes hungry during the school day.

Before the students arrive each morning, Bryce sets up grab-and-go style food bins outside the main office. It's a simple yet effective operation, designed to provide students with easy access to nutritious options throughout the day. While Bryce primarily runs the program solo, he sometimes enlists the help of eager Kindergarten students, who love to help “Mr. Bryce.”

Now in his third year at Folkstone, Bryce has experienced several changes in the school’s administrative staff. That can often mean a school’s snack program doesn’t have the support to continue. However, one of Folkstone’s principals noticed Bryce’s passion and leadership skills and asked if he would volunteer to manage it. He has been enthusiastically running the program ever since, going above and beyond his duties as Head Custodian.

President’s Choice Children’s Charity’s Power Full Kids Eat Well program ensures that Folkstone can offer a variety of healthy food options to students. From bagels to yogurt tubes, hardboiled eggs to granola bars, Bryce ensures that there's something for everyone. But the program goes beyond just providing food at Folkstone, it serves as a lifeline for many students facing food insecurity. Despite the universally offered program, Bryce keeps a watchful eye to ensure all students have the support they need.


This program has served our students and community so well. I am honored to be doing what I do, and my reward is seeing how far it reaches and how much it helps our students and families.

“We have some students that have very little for lunch, or just not enough of the right items coming from home. When I notice that a student’s lunch is lacking, I have worked with them to ensure that they have a proper lunch and provided them with a lunch bag that they can discreetly fill up once they arrive at school,” Bryce shares.

Through his unwavering dedication, Bryce has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of the program on students' well-being. From boosting confidence to ensuring students start their day with a full belly, the program has become an integral part of the school community.

“I think the most important thing is for students to learn in an environment where there is no food anxiety, and that they are nutritionally sound for their day of learning. This program has served our students and community so well. I am honored to be doing what I do, and my reward is seeing how far it reaches and how much it helps our students and families,” says Bryce.

Looking to the future, Bryce is eager to introduce "Wrap Up Wednesdays," offering students a healthy, full lunch option once or twice a month. He understands the importance of instilling healthy eating habits early on and believes that eating together with peers can make vegetables more palatable to young children, who are often hesitant to eat them.

In Bryce's eyes, the importance of a meal and snack program extends far beyond just satisfying hunger—it's about creating an environment where every student can thrive and be fully nourished for their learning journey. And for Bryce, there's no greater reward than knowing he's making a difference in the lives of the students and families he serves.

To learn more about the Power Full Kids | Eat Well program, visit https://www.pcchildrenscharity.ca/power-full-kids-at-school/