Team spirit puts Grant's YIG on top

September 30, 2021

John and Cheryl Grant’s Your Independent Grocer, also known as Grant’s YIG, has been part of the small Hanover Ontario community for more than 30 years, building lasting community connections along the way. Part of their commitment to serving their community has been to ensure all children have access to good food, every day and are empowered with valuable food skills.

That’s why, for the last four years, Grant’s YIG has been one of Canada’s top fundraisers during in-store campaigns supporting President’s Choice Children’s Charity, raising over $72,000, with every dollar raised helping kids in Ontario. “We’ve been involved in the community for many years, building strong relationships with families and schools” explains John Grant, Franchise Owner of Grant’s YIG. “We are proud to support the charity’s fight against childhood hunger.”


“Being connected to local schools allows us to see and understand how our fundraising efforts impact children right here in Hanover”

John and Cheryl attribute the stores achievement to his team and the generosity of his customers. “The energy they put into making sure the campaign is a success is amazing!” says John. “The cashiers have one of the most challenging jobs, so we wanted to create a fun way to engage the team. However, we can’t do this without the generosity of our shoppers who are always willing to give each campaign.” Along with his bookkeeper Brandy and front-end manager Patricia, John motivates his team by coming up with fun initiatives like offering gift cards or the option to wearing casual clothes for the colleagues who raise the most per hour or per shift. From part-time to full-time staff, everyone has a chance to participate - creating fun, friendly competition amongst his team.

Since 1989, President’s Choice Children’s Charity programs have nurtured the well-being of six million Canadian children – helping them thrive, no matter their circumstance. “Hunger should never stand in the way of our children’s dreams for their future.” says Lisa Battistelli, the charity’s executive director, “We’re very grateful to Grant’s YIG and his customers, who have helped make President’s Choice Children’s Charity Canada’s largest provider of school meal programs, after the government.”

Nationally, the fall campaign raised over $1.7 Million in support of the charity’s programming, reaching about 800,000 children annually, including at four participating schools in Hanover. The charity provides a variety of in-school and summer food programs, and the importance of these programs was seen first-hand by John, Cheryl and his colleagues during a recent visit to a local school to serve breakfast and snacks.

“Being connected to local schools allows us to see and understand how our fundraising efforts impact children right here in Hanover” explains John. “Fundraising for President’s Choice Children’s Charity will always be a big focus in our store because it’s important for us to have these programs available to support children’s nutritional needs in our community.”